Online News Fake or Real?

We use the internet and social media more and more these days. As a result, we can consume masses of articles and news everyday. Yet how do we know if the online item is fake or real? This article provides a number of useful resources to resolve that dilemma. With so much false news, it’s almost indispensable to have somewhere reliable you can go, to check just what the facts are. In this way you can minimise upsetting your family, friends, colleagues and even strangers!

Getting to the Truth about On-line Articles

WWO show you links to three highly reliable websites to help with your online fact or myth quest.

Online News Fake or Real by Full Facts

Full Fact is a UK based independent fact checking registered charity. It takes an impartial stance on any debate. Just as importantly, it isn’t affiliated with any political party. Above all, the site is effective in providing facts.

The organisation operate a a rigorous safeguard policy. It includes staff restrictions on political activity, fundraising safeguards, external reviews and much more. As an assurance of impartiality, they are transparent about all income sources.

Full fact provide links to all referenced sources so you can back up your points.

Online News Fake or Real by Snopes

In a similar vein, you may want to try, one of the best known fact checking websites. It carries out investigative reporting to provide objective analysis before publishing results. Snopes started as far back as 1994 investigating urban legends, hoaxes, and folklore. It is the oldest and largest fact checking site available and widely regarded by journalists.

You can also use Snope to identify a fake photo or video. This includes where a publisher uses a photo from a different story.

Online News Fake or Real with fake news detector

Our final recommendation is for you to explore faked news detector.

Online News Fake or Real? – We Welcome Your Thoughts

After this, what are your thoughts about online fact or myth identification? WWO will only ever try to publish facts. Please feel free to add your comments as you wish.


  1. Can I add that the Google image search is also good at helping you find out if the picture someone posted is actually from the event they state. Seen so many “outraged” photos, especially recently, that were actually from unrelated and mainly historical events. Adding a picture into Google images search helps (usually) to determine that. If you have the Google toolbar you can even right click on the photo to automatically get Google image to search where it was originally from.

  2. Author

    Thanks for the contribution and really useful information Tim. We will add the Google Image Search to our check routine and circulate with others too.

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