Environmentally Friendly Modern Milkman

The Modern Milkman has recently extended its service in the Winstanley area. They provide a doorstep service of milk and other essential groceries. The modern milkman commits to reducing plastic waste. Why not let the environmentally friendly Modern Milkman turn you into a Zero Hero! What’s more you would beContinue Reading

What's on In and Around Winstanley

The Leeds and Liverpool canal and Wigan Flashes have been a haven for mental and physical health during the pandemic. We are lucky enough to have such an historic canal thread its way through the flashes, town centre. Don’t forget, it extends to Haigh Hall, Shevington, Appley Bridge and eventuallyContinue Reading

Friendly February Action Calendar

Do you find dark nights and mornings a drag? Or a lot going on right now? Well here is a bit of fun that will hopefully help. The friendly February action calendar suggest some simple ideas for anybody wanting a quick pick-me-up. Many thanks from #winstanleywo to some good friendsContinue Reading