Wigan Litter Pickers Group

Wigan Litter Pickers Group

Wigan Litter Pickers Group, a great friendly and positive group created on 19th February 2021. It is a group for the people of Wigan to help and encourage litter picking in their area. It’s about one way to take some pride in our town and show they care. It is aligned with a facility from Wigan Council, Improve a Space.

What the Group Does

The group encourages tidying up discarded litter in our areas such as footpaths, woods, parks, canal towpaths and much more.

Before undertaking any environmental volunteering activity on council-owned land, you or your community group will need to request permission. Take a look at the Group Announcements to find out how to go about it.

Please be aware that if the space you would like to improve is privately owned, you will need to gain the land owner’s consent beforehand.

It is a great source of help whether you wish to tidy alone or with other locals (social distancing observed of course!). It can provide an additional personal purpose too.

The group also directs you to how you can get your hands on free litter picking equipment (gloves, picking stick and bags), delivered to your door.

Why We Should Care

Winstanley Walks

Ok I’m sure the vast majority of people care about local environment. Wanting a pleasant place to walk the dog, take the kids out or just have the immediate area looking attractive.

I guess there may be people who feel it’s not their to pick litter and they may have a point. It would be rare for all of us to enjoy the same activity. However the group is about those who want to do something.

Even if we feel the council are responsible, it can be down to individuals, local or passing through that drop litter. Litter can also be blown in from neighbouring areas, main roads and passing vehicles. Council street bins may overflow and even if reported some of that rubbish can end up being blown away before the offending bin is emptied. Also we have numerous miles of canal towpath that belong to the Canals and River Trust that are not the responsibility of the council. While the Canal and River trust clear towpaths and the canal too, they also rely on volunteers for a never ending job. Take a look at our Bill Bailey fights plastic article on this.

Contact Wigan Litter Pickers Group

To find out more if the group is for you, take a look at their closed Facebook Group. Feel free to request to join, help your local environment and get some fresh air.

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