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What’s On in Winstanley, Wigan & Beyond

Winstanley Activities in Lockdown

Well it is difficult to recommend places to go and see due to the restrictions. So here we go without incurring the wrath of authority or putting people at risk. We are not abandoning things that are on and around close to home and

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Wigan Council Meetings
Request a council service

From missed bin collections, dog fouling to malfunctioning street lights and much more, select the Request link below.

Wigan council
YOUR councillor & meetings

For information on your councillors, meetings, decisions and forward plans, look here.

Wigan Rail
Public Transport

For detailed travel information on all buses and rail travel.


Do you run a local business, leisure activity, sport or charity?

We can help promote your organisation digitally to increase public awareness. Feel free to ask for further information.

Health Fitness & Leisure

Litter Drivers Fines Coming?

Further news following a recent article to highlight the hard work and booming success of Wigan Litter Pickers volunteers. Until now town councils have been inundated with rocketing costs to manage tidying up litter discarded by motorists and commercial vehicles. The volume of discarded rubbish has increased massively since the

Mindful March Action Calendar

Mindful March Action Calendar

At last the daylight is lengthening. The weather is getting warmer. Here is the Mindful March Action Calendar suggesting more ways to live in the moment and to look after yourself. It is about stopping living in the past or worrying about the future. Continued thanks from #winstanleywo to some

Wigan Litter Picking Group

Wigan Litter Pickers Group

Wigan Litter Pickers Group, a great friendly and positive group created on 19th February 2021. It is a group for the people of Wigan to help and encourage litter picking in their area. It’s about one way to take some pride in our town and show they care. It is

Secluded Panoramic Nearby Walk

Looking to get out some fresh air but follow guidelines? Need something to cheer you up and set you up for the day? To do just that, we have sought out a secluded panoramic nearby walk. We have carefully chosen and tested a walk that keeps you away from the

Online Help; Work, Education & Leisure

Structure your Day

Working from home, whether you live with others or on your own, can be challenging. Each day

Free Software

Getting Free Software

If your current employer does not provide you with software for working from home, if you are

Computer backup

Backup your Computer

Take a cloud or hard copy backup every time you finish your work for the day.

PC virus protection

Protect your Computer

If you are using your own computer to work from home, make sure you have good virus