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King Street Photo Walks

King Street Photo Walks

Peak Wildlife Park

Half Term Break Ideas

FarmFoods Saddle Retail Megastore

Farmfoods Saddle Retail Megastore

New Marus Bridge Deli

Marus Bridge Sandwich Deli

What’s On in Winstanley, Wigan & Beyond

Peak Wildlife Park

Half Term Break Ideas

Just a few random ideas for the up and coming half term if you want to take the kids somewhere else than Wigan for a change. None of these half term break ideas are too far away. You can also combine sopome of them

Halloween Bonfire Night Activities

Halloween Interactive Ghost Walks

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Wigan council
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Lancashire County DAy 2023

Lancashire County Day 2023

Lancashire County Day also referred to as Lancashire Day in this article can trace its origins back to the 13th century. Now it is officially on the 27th November. A society under the name of Friends of Real Lancashire are the organisers and there is more about them below. Many people

COP28 Dubai

COP28 Climate Conference

COP28 – An Introduction So what is the COP28 climate conference? In short it is the United Nations Conference on Climate Change. In fact, it is the only international climate change negotiation. The conference is a meeting of countries across the world to try and agree on common actions and

Wigan Library & Borrowbox

Wigan Library & Borrowbox

Just sharing new on a useful and totally free service provided by Wigan library. As well as the ability to take out physical books, the library also offers a great online service of e-books, audio books and e-magazines. All you need to make use of this free service is to

Wigan Central Beers & Ciders

Wigan Central Beers & Ciders

Arguably not only one of best drinking venues in Wigan, but probably across the Northwest too. Indeed Wigan Central Beers & Ciders Bar is the only dedicated hostelry in the borough for real ales and craft ciders. Enjoy deciding on which beer, cider or craft ale to select. From stouts,

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Structure your Day

Working from home, whether you live with others or on your own, can be challenging. Each day

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Getting Free Software

If your current employer does not provide you with software for working from home, if you are

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