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King Street Photo Walks

King Street Photo Walks

Peak Wildlife Park

Half Term Break Ideas

FarmFoods Saddle Retail Megastore

Farmfoods Saddle Retail Megastore

New Marus Bridge Deli

Marus Bridge Sandwich Deli

What’s On in Winstanley, Wigan & Beyond

Peak Wildlife Park

Half Term Break Ideas

Just a few random ideas for the up and coming half term if you want to take the kids somewhere else than Wigan for a change. None of these half term break ideas are too far away. You can also combine sopome of them

Halloween Bonfire Night Activities

Halloween Interactive Ghost Walks

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St Georges Day History

St Georges Day History

With April 23rd getting closer, here’s a little insight to some background to our patron saint and St Georges Day History. Possibly good for the pub quiz if nothing else. Then there’s always an excuse to wander down the local pub and tell your mates anyway. First off, like a

Crosby Coastal Path Walk

Crosby Coastal Path Walk

Looking for a walk long or small, not too far away but a little different? Well let us recommend Crosby Coastal Path walk. Whether on your own, with family, walking the dog, somewhere inspirational to run, it really is breath-taking. Approximately a thirty minute drive from Winstanley down the M58

Active April for Happiness

Active April for Happiness

Okay the daylight hours are getting longer and generally warmer. What a great time to start doing some little things to raise your spirits. The Action for Happiness daily calendar provides daily suggestions to get you going. However you can always substitute them with your own. Read on to find

Gerry Anderson: Life Unchartered

Gerry Anderson: Life Uncharted

Everything you wanted to know about the creator behind Thunderbirds, Stingray and more. Gerry Anderson: Life Uncharted is a brand new documentary, recorded before his death in 2012. It will now be released for the first time on Britbox on the 14th April. An Introduction to his Work Gerry Anderson

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Getting Free Software

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