So it’s at a time where we can now venture further afield. However clearly #winstanleywo are mindful of being careful and avoiding the crowds. So we thought we would try and dig out some places within reasonable distance that fit the bill. Places you may not know existed. Perhaps idealContinue Reading

Reducing Wasteful Food Packaging

Well , many of us try our best to recycle our food and drinks packaging. Perhaps sometimes it could be greater? Hey any effort is better than none at all. Yet a huge stumbling block to do more lies firmly with the food and drinks industry. Until they change, reducingContinue Reading

Active April for Happiness

Numerous sports and health studies show how your body and our mind work together. Being active can make you happier. Of course it is also good for our physical health too. Activity no matter how small immediately transforms your mood. It can even lift us out of feeling a littleContinue Reading

You may be aware that two north western brothers, Mohsin and Zuber Issa are the new owners of Asda. The brothers are also co-chief executives of global convenience and petrol station forecourts retailer EG Group. In late 2020, they acquired a majority ownership stake in Asda. Once the final clearanceContinue Reading

LITTER THROWN FROM CARS ‘KILLING MILLIONS OF ANIMALS’ Bottles act as traps MILLIONS OF voles, shrews and other tiny mammals could be dying each year after becoming trapped inside drinks cans and glass bottles thrown from cars, a study has found. Plastic bottles, which tend to be thrown away withContinue Reading

Further news following a recent article to highlight the hard work and booming success of Wigan Litter Pickers volunteers. Until now town councils have been inundated with rocketing costs to manage tidying up litter discarded by motorists and commercial vehicles. The volume of discarded rubbish has increased massively since theContinue Reading

Mindful March Action Calendar

At last the daylight is lengthening. The weather is getting warmer. Here is the Mindful March Action Calendar suggesting more ways to live in the moment and to look after yourself. It is about stopping living in the past or worrying about the future. Continued thanks from #winstanleywo to someContinue Reading