So it’s at a time where we can now venture further afield. However clearly #winstanleywo are mindful of being careful and avoiding the crowds. So we thought we would try and dig out some places within reasonable distance that fit the bill. Places you may not know existed. Perhaps idealContinue Reading

LITTER THROWN FROM CARS ‘KILLING MILLIONS OF ANIMALS’ Bottles act as traps MILLIONS OF voles, shrews and other tiny mammals could be dying each year after becoming trapped inside drinks cans and glass bottles thrown from cars, a study has found. Plastic bottles, which tend to be thrown away withContinue Reading

Mindful March Action Calendar

At last the daylight is lengthening. The weather is getting warmer. Here is the Mindful March Action Calendar suggesting more ways to live in the moment and to look after yourself. It is about stopping living in the past or worrying about the future. Continued thanks from #winstanleywo to someContinue Reading

Friendly February Action Calendar

Do you find dark nights and mornings a drag? Or a lot going on right now? Well here is a bit of fun that will hopefully help. The friendly February action calendar suggest some simple ideas for anybody wanting a quick pick-me-up. Many thanks from #winstanleywo to some good friendsContinue Reading

Once the home of mighty passenger liners and famous shipping lines, now the home of open water swimming, national dragon boat, national rowing clubs, paddle boarding, tourists, bars, restaurants, museums and residential homes