Sankey Viaduct World Heritrage Bid

A Merseyside landmark has launched a bid to be named a World Heritage site.

Sankey Viaduct, also known as the nine arches, is among the oldest viaducts in the world and was opened in 1828 to provide a vital transport link on the Liverpool and Manchester line. The structure remains the only grade one listed building in St Helens, sitting in Newton-le-WIllows.

Last month the site received two plaques marking its importance to British transport heritage. This marked the start of a bid to grant the Nine Arches World Heritage status.

The campaign is backed by St Helens council, as well as local MP Conor McGinn. In a letter of support, Mr McGinn said: “Your ambition for the site to be recognised as a world heritage site is one I and many others share. It is a challenging process but one I know that can be achieved and is surely deserved.”

The campaign is led by Barrie Pennington and John Tabern, members of the St Helens Town Deal Board.

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