Fight Plastic with Bill Bailey

Fight Plastic with Bill Bailey

The Leeds and Liverpool canal and Wigan Flashes have been a haven for mental and physical health during the pandemic. We are lucky enough to have such an historic canal thread its way through the flashes, town centre. Don’t forget, it extends to Haigh Hall, Shevington, Appley Bridge and eventually Parbold. Visits to local towpaths in many urban areas have rocketed since last March. Unfortunately so has been an increase in littering, by as much as 68% in 2020. This puts the waterway wildlife habitats at risk. Obviously, it also looks unsightly and reduces the pleasure of visiting there. So if you are feeling you want to do something about it, read on to see how you can fight plastic with Bill Bailey.

What is Fight Plastic with Bill Bailey About?

Why not combine a Plastics Challenge litter pick with your local daily exercise? You can help stop 14 million pieces of plastic and litter from entering the canals and rivers each year.

Whether you are a paddle board pro, runner, walker or wildlife fan, by combining one of these activities with a litter pick it can benefit you, the local community and the environment.

To make a pledge to support his Plastics Challenge, visit 

You can also follow us it on social media @CanalRiverTrust  #PlasticsChallenge

The Canal and River Trust

The Canal and River Trust are responsible for 2,000 miles of waterways. They are a charity. Did you know they also manage museums, archives and the country’s third largest collection of historic buildings. Such facilities offer wellbeing opportunities to millions of people each year.

Thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery the Canal & River Trust has recently received support from its Postcode Climate Challenge initiative. It will go to support the Plastics Challenge.

Local Jobs with the Canal and River Trust

Did you also know that the Canal and River Trust are a local employer? Unfortunately during he pandemic some openings have been put on hold. However you can view any vacancies based from Wigan.

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