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Curious about where you live and what it looked like over the past 100 years? What was where my house is now? Have a look at this free to use map website on your laptop, tablet or mobile.

You can choose from a range of historical maps from over the years and overlay them on google maps, having selected your location (home, relative’s home, work or any point of interest. The rest of this article walks you through the steps to get going, but you can find numerous additional features as you explore. Be careful it can make time fly in more ways than one!

Quick Start

The mapping will be launched in a new window, displaying the following:

Close the Help and you will get an old map of Winstanley Area as shown next.

If you click on my location it will highlight where you are.

If using your mobile select the Show Search Panel text.

Use the sliding opacity button to bring through a current day map, while leaving the historic map as a partially transparent overlay. Play around with the degree of overlay but try 50% to start.

You can also select maps from other dates from the maps drop down as shown below.

Exploring Further

There are many other features you can play around with including maps of land usage, planning and more. Some maps go back to before 1900.

Have Fun!

3. Select a map menu option from the blue button list on the left of the panel. In this example I have selected Ordnance Survey maps.

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  1. Brilliant! Will have loads of fun with this 😀

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