Farmfoods Saddle Retail Megastore

FarmFoods Saddle Retail Megastore

For those who don’t yet know, the Farmfoods Saddle Retail Megastore has now just opened. It occupies the old Curry’s building between McDonalds and Home Bargains. Newly recruited local staff told us that it is allegedly the largest Farmfoods in Europe. It is pretty breath-taking. First impressions are the store is unscrupulously clean, spacious and incredibly well stocked.

Whatever your opinion of the shop, it is good to see a longstanding empty drab building opening again. Certainly smartens up the area.

Whats Inside the Farmfoods Saddle Retail Megastore?

Farmfoods Saddle Retail Megastore

A vast range of high street brands at proces that seem to be typically lower than at the Saddle’s Asd store. Perhaps as expected a focus on ambient and frozen itemss and as a result complementing locally owned fresh produce stores in and around Wigan. The aisles are spacious, plenty of enthusiastic staff on hand to direct you to what you are looking for.

Key and next door you have Home Bargains to select cleaning, laundry and other offerings.

Finally, just in case, here’s where to find them.

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