Get Fit In A Different but Effective Way

So we are starting to see a lot in the press about fitness and losing weight. Radio stations and TV are broadcasting articles about it. It would appear the government is about to launch its guidelines to help us lose weight following comments that weight does not hep with Coronavirus. For some getting in shape comes easy by joining a gym, going running, cycling etc. However such options do not suit all. So this article presents a further option on how to get fit in a different and effective way. A way that can help you lose weight, improve fitness and help with mental health. exercise as an individual but also within a group without the pressures of gyms etc.

Why Try It?

Well if you can relate to the following objections, it is perhaps time to try a new direction.

Not keen on a gym?

There could be several reasons you don’t like the idea of a gym;
Training in front of others.
Nervousness over social distancing in a closed building.
The cost of membership and possible tie in.

Running isn’t for me?

It’s not good for me knees or ankles,
I don’t like treadmills,
I don’t want to be seen running the streets by neighbours or friends.

What about Cycling?

I don’t have a decent bike?
The roads are too dangerous these days,
I don’t have time,

Team or Individual Activities

I’m not really a team person,
I’m a team person but too out of condition to train with others,
I want to train but find it hard to motivate myself,
I’m too busy at work, things to do around the house,

I’d rather go on a diet or change my eating habits

After the first few weeks of diet I find it hard to keep it going
As soon as I finish my diet, I pile he pounds back on

So having covered some of the things putting you off exercise, let’s look at something new that might appeal. After all, how do you know you won’t like it unless you give it a go. It is unlikely you have many family or friends who already participate. If they do it is highly likely they will have told you already how effective it is and how rewarding it can be.

So How Do I Get Fit in a Different Effective Way?

Get Fit In A Different Effective Way

The activity is similar to kayaking but with some major differences. The boat you will use is an O1 (Outrigger 1). Unlike kayaking you will also use a single blade paddle. Each person will use a separate boat. We provide all equipment and insurance. Expert tuition is on a 1 to 1 basis.

You won’t be the only person starting out and as such will not feel out of place. It doesn’t matter whether you haven’t even participated in any sporting exercise before. Sessions are adaptable to all, from 16 to 60+ Even after 1 session we guarantee that you will notice a difference. It can help with weight loss, posture, fitness and mental outlook. It can be argued that water resistance is one of the best ways to improve strength too.

Do not underestimate the mental benefits too. A true uplifting experience in a great setting in the open air, whether stuck at home all day or back in your workplace.

Get Fit In A Different Effective Way

By the way, we are not saying try this instead of changing eating habits. It doesn’t have to be an either / or. In fact if you combine O1 paddling with dietary changes you will see massive gains. You can also adjust your eating habits gradually and sensibly without following a fad, short term diet.

Where Can I Try It?

Sessions are from Monday to Friday evening. The venue is the Liverpool Water Sports Centre in the Baltic Triangle just down from Albert Dock. Contact Amathus by phone (07961 795009) or email ( to find out more or book a session.

Parking is free. All sessions strictly conform to government guidelines and your safety is of prime importance. indoor facilities are currently limited in conformance with COVID-19 guidelines.

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