Strolling Around Chadwick Green

Strolling Around Chadwick Green
Nineteen Arches Carr Mill Dam

Strolling Around Chadwick Green. Maybe some of you know where that is , perhaps you’re thinking where on earth… Either way it’s only 10 to 15 minutes from Winstanley by car. Hey, for the more energetic you could even walk it over the fields via Windy Arbour. Certainly build up a thirst for the Mason’s Arms village pub.

So, it offers a circular walk with a myriad of varied paths around the tranquil end of Car Mill Dam. From there over quiet public footpaths through unspoilt fields towards Billinge Chapel End. The walk features two watering holes one for natural wildlife the other for people and dogs. The former the Dam. The latter is a traditional village pub dating back to 1779. Read on to find out more about Chadwick Green, the suggested walks and the traditional child and dog friendly pub with amazing views from its beer garden.

So What and Where is Chadwick Green?

Looking from Chadwick Green towards Carr Mill Dam

It’s likely that you have passed it on many occasions. Chadwick Green is a small hamlet located in the southernmost fringes of Billinge Chapel End. It derives its name from the old English Ceadda’s wic, Chaddeyk, dated somewhere as far back as 1180! It also appears on a number of historical maps too. ( Yate’s 1786, Greenwoods 1818 and Hennet’s 1830).

These days the hamlet is very much a quiet residential area, farmland, some small businesses, a lovely country pub and numerous footpaths.

Strolling Round Chadwick Green Circular Route

Route marked in red with starts in white (courtesy of Google Earth)

While the numerous footpaths do extend all the way past Windy Arbour and eventually come out on Tan Pitt, the directions here focus on a reasonable flat short circle around the area. For the simplest walk decide on starting from the main road passing Carr Mill Dam or near the Masons Arms in Chadwick Green. Both are marked in the aerial map above. I have provided google map links at the end of the article if you need more information. Of course, for the intrepid wanting more of a challenge, then use those same links to explore the other footpaths.

From Carr Mill Dam

You can park at the northern end of Carr Mill Dam, on the left-hand roadside verges off the A571 main road. Once parked up, head through the woods towards the water along any number of the well maintained footpaths. Once you get to the edge of the lake, turn left and follow the dam edge for a shorter walk. Need a longer route? You can get to the same footpaths around the lake but turning right and following the dam all the way round. Either direction eventually leads to the path crossing the field to Chadwick Green.

The Paths around Carr Mill Dam

If you turned left, you will arrive at the red-bricked nineteen arches. Once there, head across it. Do be careful if you have children or pets with you as the arches have low walls over the water. If you look over the dam from the middle of the bridge, you can see the Boathouse Cafe on the distant left.

…after Nineteen Arches

Immediately at the end of the viaduct you will see a path heading up through the trees away from the water. From here you can follow the route marked on the map. Just past the trees bordering the dam there is a narrow high hedged path. Part way along it turns 90 degrees to the left. Keep going and it comes out on a paved farm track.

Although the track carries on, take a right turn towards the farmhouse. Just to the left of the farmhouse is a public footpath, skirting its garden. The path takes a right then left before arriving at another farm track. This is Old Garswood Road. At this point take a left and head all the way down until you come to a barred gate. This is the southeast entrance to Chadwick Green where it joins Carr Mill Old Road. Take a right and you will end up at the Mason’s Arms. If you want to carry on rather than frequent the pub, turn left instead and follow the directions under the next section.

Do feel free to deviate on the other paths you see enroute to explore too. Please do not walk off the paths onto fields though. This is active crop farmland.

Starting From the Masons Arms

Follow the Path to the right for Car Mill Old Road

Chadwick Green is on a very narrow road, so please respect the residents by parking sensibly. Also the pub car park is for pub customers only. However if you start walking from the pub, you have two key options. In either case, walk to the end of the old road. Here you can carry on through the gate with the house on the left and stream on the right. You can tell it’s the right house as it has an old millstone against the front wall (pictured above). This is the route of the Old Carr Mill Road and will take you towards the dam.

Strolling Around Chadwick Green - Car Mill Old Road
Farm Buildings Carr Mill Old Road

Optionally turn left before the same house and head up through the second path. This is the reverse route of coming from Carr Mill Dam as described in the previous section.

The second route even opens up a number of options including the ability to walk through To Windy Arbour and even on from there down to Winstanley. Plan your journey by having a look at Google Maps (links at the end of the article) or use an Ordnance Survey Map of the area.

Carr Mill Dam History

Strolling Around Chadwick Green - Carr Mill Boathouse St Helens
Carr Mill Dam Looking Towards the Boathouse Cafe

The Dan’s name comes from the Norse word Carr. It means marsh or fen. Did you know Car Mill Dam is the largest inland body of water in Merseyside. Originally much smaller, it powered a corn Mill. In the 1750s it was enlarged to provide water for the Sankey Brook Navigation. The canal’s start is till visible in St Helens town centre. It is even navigable at Fiddlers Ferry where there is a boat club at the Ferry Tavern. A crying shame it is not preserved in its entirety, as it was the first industrial canal of the industrial revolution. Sadly it is no longer possible to catch tropical fish in it either (ask any resident of St Helens or anybody who worked at Pilks). The canal has a preservation society hoping to resurrect it all one day.

At a later date the LNWR ( London and North Western Railway ) enlarged the dam further. The railway viaduct is still used today for Wigan Northwestern to St Helen’s service.

On the railway side of the Dam (Garswood Old Road), there’s a boathouse with a Coffee shop and licensed bar. It also has function and meeting rooms for hire.

Carr Mill Dam Wildlife

Strolling Around Chadwick Green - Wildlife at Carr Mill Dam

The lake is surrounded by numerous Silver Birch trees and many other broadleaf varieties. You can come across Kingfisher, Grey Heron and Grey Wagtail all year round. Mute swans also breed there. In summer Common Tern are resident before spending their winter in Africa.

As one of the deepest lakes in the area it is often one of the last to freeze over in cold weather. As a result it has often attracted rarer bird species including; Smew, Dunlin, Bar Tailed Godwin and the Glaucous Gull. In high winds and rough weather it has also been a refuge for ocean going birds such as; Slavonian Grebe, Guillemot, Great Northern Diver, Long-tailed duck and Shag.

A varied range of wild flowers grow ranging from Bluebells, Foxglove, Lesser Celandine, Garlic Mustard and Cuckoo Flower. Occasionally you may encounter the rare Purple Hairstreak butterfly by Sandy Bay.

Other Activities at Carr Mill Dam

A number of water sport clubs are based at the dam. They include; The Lancashire Powerboat Racing Club and St Helens Canoe Club with canoeing, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding (SUP).

The Masons Arms

Should you drop in, it’s a great place for refreshment after your stroll (or run!) It’s dog friendly too. The staff even provide a keg of dog water, alcohol free of course along with drinking bowls.

Then for the real ale drinker, you will always find a number of decent cask beers. Of course visitors can also choose from a great range of other beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks. Don’t forget to ask about the very popular Cotham’s pies too. You may need to ask early though.

As well as a cosy indoors, it boasts a great beer garden overlooking fields that stretch all the way back to Winstanley. Plenty of picnic tables and benches spread out and not on top of each other. For cooler weather the Masons has two outdoor cabins with heaters. One for non-smokers, the other for those who still indulge.

By the way they have a quiz night too.

Freemasons Arms Chadwick Green Date of Origin

Their Facebook page states “A no nonsense, proper pub with a warm welcome and a friendly smile”. One of my favourite haunts and on careful consideration, then I’d have no hesitation to agree in every positive aspect of the statement. So does my pooch!

Have a look on the pub walls and you will see two old maps of the area going back to the late 1800s. You really do feel like you are much further from Winstanley when there.

Strolling Around Chadwick Green – Directions

Strolling Around Chadwick Green -  Dog Walks

To get a good visual of the walk, try the following Google Earth Maps Link:

Birdseye View of the Area (courtesy of Google Earth)

Alternatively, use everyday Google Maps:

Link to Google Maps

There are a number of places you can start from and end at. However there are two suggested options. The first is by Carr Mill Dam. Follow the road from Billinge towards St Helens along the A571. There is usually plenty of room just on the left side of the road along side the edge of the woods leading to the lake, The second is park up near to the Masons Arms. I’ve marked both on the map.

Enjoy the walk and please mention Winstanley What’s On if you drop into the Masons or Boathouse.


Chadwick Green – Further Information

Masons Arms Facebook Page

Sankey Canal Restoration Society

Carr Mill Dam Boathouse Cafe

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