Wigan Library & Borrowbox

Wigan Library & Borrowbox

Just sharing new on a useful and totally free service provided by Wigan library. As well as the ability to take out physical books, the library also offers a great online service of e-books, audio books and e-magazines. All you need to make use of this free service is to get yourself a free library membership, then download a free App. Maybe you fancy something fictional and there are plenty of recommendations it provides. Alternatively expand your knowledge on a particular subject. Even if you aren’t a great reader, take a look, there’s a good chance you will find something of interest. You may surprise yourself. Read on to find out more about Wigan Library & Borrowbox.

What does Wigan Library & Borrowbox Offer?

Borrowbox is an online App that a library member can use on a mobile or desktop. For existing library users it replaces the previous Libby App. It offers a great range of books, electronic and audible. Borrowbox also provides a varied range of genres in e-magazines. The App refers to them as e-press.

You can browse and borrow selected books or magazines. Also if a reader finds a periodical of interest, they can request a regular borrowing of new editions along with a timely notification.


Choose from a range of fact or fiction. Many popular titles including recent publications. Search by author, title, genre or other keywords. Ideal for going away on a trip, holiday or just reading over a coffee or quiet tipple when out.

Audio books

A massive range of categories. From Crime & Thrillers, History, Sport, Business, Classics, Science Fiction, Tech, in fact too many to fit on a single screen. A nice alternative to reading and particularly helpful for travelling. Or just chilling at home with eyes resting with lights low and a cuppa.

Online Magazines

Wigan Library Borrowbox Laptop Search
Borrowbox Desktop for Magazines

As well as the latest issues, library members can also read past editions. Absolutely great when it is a magazine that provides factual topics on a subject you are already interested in. Of course it’s also helpful if you want to delve into something new. From science, history, IT, Art, Cooking.

Other Library Services

If you do venture in to one of the libraries you can find a range of other services that are available. Signposting to other council services. Did you know you can also volunteer in the library and museum services? Enquire at either to find out more.

It also includes a fascinating range of reference books in the Museum of Life. Extremely useful for researching your family tree. There are some amazing texts, a number going back centuries. Describing the conditions of family and working life in Wigan before the 1900’s. Histories of families and their stately homes, canals and plenty more. Situated across Library Street from the main lending library in a beautifully maintained original building, it is also home to a number small of exhibitions including Uncle Joes, Wigan Casino and George Orwell.

Selected Health Benefits of Reading

Arguably, the greatest benefit is enjoyment. Then of course you may have a need to research a particular subject or even author, so you could claim enhancing knowledge. Yet on top of that or if you are still unsure spending some time reading is not for you, have a look at the following. Well here are just a few…

Memory & Mind: reading e-books can improve your brain function over the short and longer term. Of course its not a long term guarantee, but is certainly a help.

Sleep Soundly: Research agrees unequivocally that 7 to 8 hours uninterrupted sleep is essential. Reading before or in bed, whether from a physical book or an e-book, can help. If you do wake in the night, try a little reading to get back off.

Improving your Concentration: navigating through digital pages may improve your focus.

Other benefits include conversation and knowledge sharing with others. Don’t forget it is likely to keep you better informed on subjects that interest you.

The Additional Benefits of Wigan Library & Borrowbox

Okay so some people prefer a physical book or magazine. It is also hard to argue that the many health benefits apply equally to the electronic form as well as the physical book. Yet Borrowbox offers customizable features like adjustable font size, highlighting text and screen brightness settings to make reading more accessible for amybody with visual impairments or even certain learning disabilities.

E-books eliminate the weight and bulk of carrying physical books, which can reduce physical strain on your body, especially for those who read extensively.

To get Borrowbox just download the App for Android or Apple. Next log in with your Library ID, to get access to eAudiobooks, eBooks and eMagazines wherever you are. 

There are no fines and you’re able to borrow an unlimited number of magazines to keep for as long as you like. If you don’t have a library membership already read on to the next section to find out how to get your free membership.

How do I Get Borrowbox?

From either a iPhone or Android, just download the App to your phone. You can also use a desktop or tablet too. Full instructions and guidance are provided on the Wigan libraries website below.

How do I Get a Wigan Library Membership?

Wigan Library & Borrowbox Membership

You can apply in person or at the following online link. You will need a proof of address. If under the age of 16 and you wish to use the internet in the library, then you will also need to be accompanied by an adult when collecting your library card.

Useful Links for Wigan Library & Borrowbox

Wigan Library Website from here you can find out your nearest library and all the services it offers

Wigan Borrowbox Service everything you need to access e-magazines, e-books and audio books. Once you have your membership, Borrowbox is never closed.

Wigan Library Regular Events. For a list of regular events at different Wigan library venues by date.

Wigan Library Special Events One of events bookable through the Eventbrite site.

Let Winstanley What’s On Have Your Thoughts

Reading, regardless of format, can reduce stress. E-books allow for portability, enabling you to carry multiple books in a single device, which can make reading more accessible and convenient, thus aiding stress reduction.

We hope you found this article useful for you or others you may know. It was lacking in any way then please tell us. Doing so will let us deliver more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

If you did decide to join the library or use the Borrowbox service, then please mention to the library where you got the incentive to do so from, ie Winstanley What’s On. Enjoy.

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