Exhilarating Panoramic City Tour

Liverbuildings Exhilirating Panoramic Tour
The UK’s 1st Ever Skyscraper

Experience an exhilarating panoramic city tour less than 1 hour away from Winstanley. Travel by car or train for a truly uplifting experience. An award winning guided tour seeing the city skyline, Lancashire and all the way to North Wales. Find out about the history of what was the UK’s first skyscraper. You get to see the inner workings of the clocks. Above all you get to explore the highest outdoor platforms with breath taking views.

There is plenty opportunity to capture your own photographs and videos to preserve an extremely memorable adventure. What’s more it is great value.

Why not make it part of a longer dayout? Great location for a meal in the city centre or Albert Dock. The bars and coffee shops are too many to cover them all here. Form the high street chain brands to something a little more artisan. There is something for everybody. Read on to find out more about the tour and what else you can do nearby.

On Arrival at the Liver Buildings’ Tour

The Impressive entrance to the Liver Buildings Exhilarating Panoramic City Tour
Royal Liver Buildings 360 Degree Tour Exhibits

The first thing that struck me once inside, was the smartness of the whole experience. Clearly thorough and care has been taken in the layout and presentation. Interesting information provided in bite size chunks. Fascinating relics and models all providing new insight to a building I have passed regularly over the years while rarely giving a further thought to it.

Liver Buildings Cunard Liners Memorial
Memorial to Cunard’s Liners and the Docker’s Umbrella

Although the request is to arrive promptly, it is worth getting there a little before your slot just to have a look around the ground floor exhibits. Even before going in, a stroll around the outside and the other nearby buildings is highly impressive. Known as The 3 Graces, next to the Royal Liver Building, is the Cunard Building followed by the Port of Liverpool Building. Stone benches in front of these magnificent buildings are carved with the names of famous Cunard Liners from the famous Shipping Company.

Liver Building’s First Outdoor Views

Liver Buildings Tour Outside Below the Clock
Part Way to the Top – 1st Viewing Platform

Strictly speaking, your second exterior views. The first were at ground level. However it has to be said those at this level are far more impressive. The chance to see in all four directions should please every visitor, affording the ability to recognise something they know from a birds eye view. As with the rest of the tour, the expert guide gives you plenty of time to get all the snaps you want. Of course you may wish just to enjoy the panorama.

The buildings that looked so tall when at ground level, now dwarfed. It was only then that I started to take in the Liver Buildings revealing its true height over its surroundings near and far. Looking down on the Albert Dock, M&S Arena, the big wheel and over the Mersey. It really is breath taking.

Panorama of Liverpools Albert Dock from the Liver Buildings Clock Tower
Looking South Over The Albert Dock, Arena and Kings Dock Water Sports Centre

Look down on to the Albert Dock complex, over the MBNA Arena and on to the Wirral and Welsh Hills. Hey, you could even use it to decide where to go after the tour. One of the great things about the tour is you are not rushed from looking over the city. Oh and you will get to find out the names of the Liver Birds. The story behind their background is also an interesting tale. Though no spoilers to the story from us.

The Liver Buildings Clock Towers

The Liver Buildings Clock Inner Workings
The Liver Building’s Clocks

So back indoors and more steps up to the clock tower. Once here you can catch your breath. The external views are amazing. Yet the high quality production film shown as an additional part of the well-crafted tour leaves an indelible impression. Recreating the building construction and a century of memorable activities across the north west is highly impressive. I will say no more hear as I wouldn’t wish to be blamed for not providing a spoiler alert. It just typifies the professionalism given to creating the tour.

Did you know that the clock faces of the Liver Buildings are larger than those on london’s Big Ben?

Higher and Outdoors Again

Liver Buildings Views towards Crosby
North from the Liver Buildings

From the highest level you can get to (unless you are related to a Liver Bird), looking north you can see as far as Formby on the coast, and even Blackpool Tower on a clear day. Further inland there are views over to Rivington and across Lancashire. Closer to the building are views of the Mal Maison hotel, Everton’s new ground which is under construction, the Titanic Hotel and Crosby.

The Mal Maison lies on the site of the Liverpool Riverside Railway Terminus. In its time, it provided direct access to Manx and Irish Ferries for foot passengers when holidaying at home was the fashion. The station was last used to ferry troops to Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles, to avoid soldeiers having to march through the city centre.

Turn your Exhilirating Panoramic City Tour into a Full Blown Day Out

Royal Albert Dock Bars, Restaurants, Shops and Museums
Royal Albert Dock Bars, Restaurants, Shops and Museums

Okay, so enjoyed your guided tour of the first UK skyscraper? Well after all those stairs, you have earned a chill. You’ve certainly burned enough calories for a snack or meal. If you enjoy a tipple and not the driver, hey why not top it off with a little drink too?

Withing a comfortable ten minute stroll you can be in the Royal Albert Dock complex, Liverpool 1 or other areas of city centre areas. There is plenty to experience including Concert Square, The Philharmonic area or the up and coming live music venues closer to the new Everton ground.

The docks are also the venue for open water swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking and dragon boating. In summer an inflatable water park is open to the public at the Water Sports Centre in Kings Dock.

Liverpool Albert Dock and Pumphouse
Looking to Liverpool 1 from the Albert Dock

The Albert dock is blessed with restaurants, bars, museums (Beatles, Tate, Maritime and Slavery), even hotels for a stopover. Just about every cuisine you type you can think of from steaks, Spanish, Tai Chinese, Indian and even traditional Fish & Chips. On the other side of the Strand from the Albert Dock there are numerous watering holes and eateries at and arounf Liverpool 1.

Hey if you finish your meal late enough, then cast your eye back at the Liver Buildings, Cunard Building and Port of Liverpool Building all lit up in their splendour. Truly a great day out!

How to Get There & Where to Park

Liverpools Liver Birds
One of the Two Liver Birds Adorning the Building

By Road

Whichever route you take, there isn’t much difference timewise. The M58 option is a little longer mileage wise. Once you arrive, it is surprisingly cheap to park on the area around the Three Graces. It is the closest for parking by far. You can pay by phone.

Alternatively you can park at Liverpool 1 Q Park, although that can get rather pricey, depending on how long you decide to stay.

East Lancs to the Liver Buildings

Depending on where you live, probably the shortest route from Winstanley. Head straight for the A580 East Lancs. Follow it to the end where it meets Queen’s Drive. Carry straight on, past Everton’s current ground on the right. Follow the signs for the Waterfront and Pierhead. The Liver Buildings will greet you.

M58 to the Liver Buildings

Everton Football CLubs New Stadium
Everton’s Huge New Waterfront Stadium under Construction

Follow the M58 all the way to the end. From there follow the signs to the Waterfront and A565. From there, follow the A565 all the way to the Pier Head and Waterfront.

Alternatively, as a bonus for all blue noses, you can take the dock road (Regent Road) which passes by the construction site of Everton’s new ground. Whatever your sport and allegiance, it is an extremely impressive structure and work a look. Once past the stadium take the next left after Costco to re-join the A565 on to the Pier Head.

Let the Train take the Strain

Of course you can always go from Wigan Northwestern or jump on at Garswood using the Northern Service. The advantage of Garswood, being there is on street parking. It also comes under Merseyside, so tickets are cheaper. Either way the destination is Lime Street. From there it is a steady 15 minute walk to the Liver Buildings or you can take the underground 2 stops to James Street.

New Publicly Operated and Owned Trains to Liverpool

Yet don’t forget or Pemberton is far closer to Winstanley. This route also gives the option for free on street parking. At Kirkby you need to change trains. However it’s always on the same platform and services are timed to connect. You also get the chance to travel on the publicly owned and operated brtand new trains with wifi and plenty of room. The destination takes you to Central from where it is a steady 10 minute walk to the Liver Buildings. Slightly shorter than from Lime Street. Or you can take the underground 1 strop to James Street.

How to Book for this Exhilarating Panoramic City Tour

Go directly to their tour website. Once here you can select and pay for your tickets online.

See You Again…

We hope you found this article useful. We hope even more so that should you go that you enjoy the tour. Let us know what you thought. It helps us provide future articles that may be of interest to you and others. Until then enjoy.


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