Tom’s Traditional Fish & Chips

Tom's Traditional Fish & Chips

Tom’s Traditional Fish & Chips concentrates on providing high quality and tasty traditional chippy fayre. Quality fresh fish delivered daily, an excellent brand of pies and only the best potatoes. Tom’s Chippy is conveniently located on Ormskirk Rd. You can also find parking on Billinge Rd down the side of the shop. I’m sure you will be, but please be considerate to the local residents when parking.

Tom’s has been trading for slightly over two years now. Some of you may remember him from the three years that he was working at Happy Garden on Winstanley Parade.

Tom’s also provides online ordering and delivery locally. See below for more information.

Tom’s Traditional Menu

Tom's Traditional Fish & Chips Menu

Tom’s focuses on a traditional English Chippy menu range. That way, Tom explains, they can ensure you get the best quality traditional tasty meals.

Even if you aren’t a fan of fresh filleted fish, then there are also a great range of Holland’s pies and of course a sausage too. Of course you can have all the dishes plain, with gravy or curry sauce, not to forget salt and vinegar. Did you know Hollands Pies have been British baked since 1851!

Tom’s can cook your fish without batter for a healthier option should you wish. Did you know that a side order of mushy peas helps with your daily fibre intake too?

Food Standards Agency

Just a bit more about Tom’s Traditional Fish & Chips 5 star rating. The Food Standards Agency The fundamental point it means that not only is the premises hygienic. It shows that the food is safe to eat and importantly it is what it says it is on the menu.

However did you know it also indicates that the food is healthier and more sustainable. Did you know that a side order of mushy peas also helps with your fibre quota?

The Heritage of Fish & Chips

History has it that Fish and chips goes back to the mid 1800’s Industrial Revolution. After being expelled from Iberia in the late 1400’s, Sephardic Jews came up with the tradition of battering fresh fish. Rumour has it that battered fried fish was long was popular as it could be cooked before the Friday Sabbath. The leftovers could be ate cold on the Saturday so as not to break religious rules.

A broader history of British Fish and Chips can be found on the Grenwich Museum webiste.

George Orwell wrote in his book The Road to Wigan Pier (1937) that fish and chips were one of the home comforts that helped keep the masses happy and “averted revolution”. Spoiler alert, by his own admission Orwell never did find Wigan Pier, despite residing in the town in lodgings for some time.

Did you know that during the Second World War government ministers made sure Fish and Chips, were never rationed!

Order by Phone or Online from Tom’s

Tom’s delivers locally, but please enquire on placing your order first to find out about any traffic disruptions.

Telephone: 07754 705442

You can also order online from Wigan Eats.

How to Find Tom’s Traditional Fish & Chips Shop

Tom's Traditional Fish & Chips Directions


318 Ormskirk Road,
Wigan. WN5 9DA

Telephone: 07754 705442

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