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Best Place for Breakfast - Sadies Winstanley

Are you looking for the best place for breakfast close to home? Then it’s hard to go wrong if you try Sadie’s Bistro at Winstanley Shops. It’s run by locals for locals.

Of course, the bistro offers far more than just its delicious home cooked breakfasts. Take a look later in this article.

It’s not just about the food either. This independent cosy bistro can work on a number of levels. Read on to find out more.

What Makes the Breakfasts so Special Then?

Amazing breakfasts from full english to pancakes and and healthier options

Well in addition to great selection of home cooked food, the breakfasts are available ALL day. So no need to rush for a start. As you can see the delicious breakfasts range from the traditional home cooked full English Breakfast to American Pancakes a more continantal offering.

Got a lighter appetite but still enjoy a cooked breakfast? Then you can ask for a smaller option or swap some items for those you prefer more.

Saidie’s Rijo Coffees from a baristas machine are wonderful. Organic hand picked blends. Of course you can try a range of teas or cold drinks too.

Of course there is nothing to stop you trying the other wonderful items from the menu instead. Nobody needs to know if you have a yummy cake for breakfast instead!

Sadie’s Bistro Offers More than great Breakfasts

So apart from those scrumptious cakes, Sadie’s offers some wonderful varieties of ice cream, traditional sweets and toffees. You could even take some home for later having enjoyed your breakfast first!

It’s not just the best local place for breakfast, There is so much more to enjoy. Don’t just take our word, try for yourself. Even if you only have a coffee, tea or cold drink? Mind you while you are there, the cakes are pretty tempting!

If you prefer a lunchtime option or home-made pizza from sourdough bases then you won’t be disappointed either. Take a look at the many options and pictures on the Facebook Page.

A Lovely Eating Place to Suit the Mood

Great for when you want to eat on your own, treat your family or meet up with friends. Also not a bad place to do a bit of work and make use of the free cafe Wi-Fi. That’s how I wrote much of this article while enjoying the wonderful Americano coffee!

Pop in in the day while shopping for groceries or when picking up a prescription? It can also be a great treat for the kids after school. It certainly lets any school run traffic die down.

Sadies – Best Place for a Great Local Breakfast

Specialist Coffee make yoour breakfast that extra bit special at Sadies Bistro

If you want to find out more, then take a look at Saidies Bistro Facebook Page. Even better, why not pop in and see for yourself

Unit 12 Holmes house avenue

01942 223706


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