Learn Fluent Italian Online

Learn Fluent Italian Online with My Italian Room

Learn Fluent Italian Online

A useful little article to show two ways how you can learn fluent Italian online. If italian isn’t for you, It also gives you an idea how to go about learning other languages too. We have two suggestions to get you started. The first is more suitable for those with some experience of speaking Italian already. Perhaps you have a partner or family member who speaks Italian. Alternatively perhaps you wish to raise your level in Italian for business trips or even just travel so you speak like a local. If that all seems a little too much, or if you have never spoken another language before, then have a look at our second suggestion. It might just surprise you. It’s never too late to try. Oh and did you know learning a language is good for brain health! It’s true see below.


So our first suggestion is really for those with some understanding of Italian. Perhaps you have a friend or relative who has a better grasp of Italian than you. Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to talk to them in their native language? Maybe you have work colleagues in Italy or intend to travel there. Either way it could be so much more rewarding not only to speak confidently in Italian, but as a local does too. MyItalianRoom provides a range of different learning experience with expert tuition from genuine Italian tutors for a fun way to learn fluent italian.

Unlike a lot of other online courses, it offers face to face support in lessons from real Italian tutors. There is also the opportunity to join small classes of no more than four language students to ptactise to enable you to become fluent in Italian and speak like that local!

Have fun and Learn Fluent Italian Online with MyItallianRoom.com

Becoming Fluent Online with Others

MyItalianRoom (MIR) provide an initial 15 minute chat with one of their Italian tutors to understand your needs and recommend the best approach for you personally. Everybody can have their own strengths in how they learn. These language courses recognise that and you get an approach tailored to you. MIR provide a wealth of course material in advance of each lesson and you have plenty of opportunity to ask your own questions along the way.

Yes there is a course fee, but the value for what you get is second to none. To find out more about their offerings then click on the online Italian lessons. If you are looking to start a new language from scratch then have a look at our next section.

Lean a New Language with Duolingo

Duolingo is an extremely popular App. It provides a wide range of languages from Italian, other European languages to Chinese and even Latin! It provides short bite size lessons grouped into by units. To start, download the Duolingo App to your mobile. You can also access the same lessons through the Duolingo website on your desktop, laptop or tablet. It is ideal for beginners who have never even spoken any foreign language before. For those with some knowledge of the desired language you can brush up. Perhaps you studied a language at school or picked up some words on holiday. Either way this is a gentle way to build on your chosen language skills.

You can start to learn from as little as 5 minutes a day to whatever length of time you have free. The site has a range of encouragement features to get you into the healthy habit of staying the course to increase your knowledge of chosen foreign language. While there is no face-to-face contact, it does let you submit queries and consult others who have done so. There is also access to a wide range of key phrases and grammar tip support for each lesson unit to provide additional help on the journey to becoming fluent in your new language.

Learning to Speak a Language for Free with Duolingo

Learn Fluent Italian Online

While Duolingo language courses are free, there is a paid version too. The paid version is advert free and allows you to progress further in a single day as it does not restrict the number of lives you have. In the free version a mistake costs a life. However even in the free version you can build up credits by learning that give you extra lives. The free version does get display a short video add at the end of a completed lesson. However you can always turn down the volume and make a cuppa while that is running before moving on to the next lesson should you want to! Having used Duolingo for over a year to learn Chinese from scratch and brush up on my German, the adverts haven’t really been a pain at all. They just provide a well earned short break before the next lesson.`

Both the free and paid versions feature anonymous student league tables. The aim is to encourage you to learn at least a little each day. Beware though, remember the objective is to master your foreign language, not to be league leader! It’s not really a downside, merely an observation of a potential distraction through gamification.

3 Reasons Why Learning a Foreign Language is Good for your Health

Learn Fluent Italian Online

Whether it’s to learn fluent Italian online or to speak a foreign language by different methods there are numerous verifiable health benefits to doing so. Have a quick look at just a few we have selected below.

  1. Reducing the risk of dementia. Studies have shown that bilingual people show Alzheimer’s and other dementia symptoms around 4 to 5 years later than people speaking just a single language. To find out more see the Alzheimer’s Society.
  2. Reduction in brain ageing even if you only learn a language later in life. Studies showed that people are likely to develop improved cognitive skills through learning a language rather than those with a good cognitive skills learn a language more easily.
  3. Improving your own language. When learning our mother language very often there is little focus on grammar and other nuances. Leaning a second language can change all that giving us a better grip of using our first language. Check out the article from Oxford University Press to find out more.

These are just a few of the many benefits that you can easily find by a quick look on-line for reliable published scientific studies.

Hey, why not give learning a language a go. Let us know how you get on. You can even write it in your new language!

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