Wigan’s Historic Environment Strategy

Wigan's Historic Environment Strategy

Chance to have your say before Monday 9th November 2020. Wigan’s Historic Environment Strategy has produced a draft document. Please take a look at it before having your say in the survey at the end of this article. The draft document is also available as an accessible version.

What Our Council Are Saying

Quite rightly Wigan council state that the borough’s heritage belongs to the people. A good moral statement no doubt. The council does own a number of heritage items. However they admit that he majority are owned or managed by other parties. That includes individual people, businesses, community groups and voluntary bodies.

The council want the final strategy to be adopted by all. The objective to maintain and improve the historic borough environment. Clearly, whether it will be is too early to say. However it provides a good basis to persuade all parties to work together. So you have an opportunity to have an influence on the finalised strategy document.

The first five chapters of the draft document set out some useful background material. Then the strategy covers three key parts.

Understanding our historic environment

Initially explains the makeup of the borough and how it changes. A useful pictorial overview of selected listed buildings, conservation areas, monuments and parks.

Valuing our historic environment

Beyond pure economic benefit. A better, sustainable environment. Ultimately consideration of health, well-being and sport.

Managing and protecting our historic environment

A proposed action plan comprised of eleven key aims.

Have Your Say – Wigan’s Historic Environment Strategy

Wigan's Historic Environment Strategy

Finally, still want to pass your thoughts and feelings on the Draft Environment Strategy document? You can do so through the Historic Environment Strategy Survey. Just over a week left before it closes. Don’t miss out. Your views count.

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