Picturesque Winstanley Walks

Fantastic to be able to reconnect to the local walks I have not taken time to enjoy for over 10 years. Having cursed at the new builds for the loss of paths and green space, how surprised was I to realise just how much is still here.

Whether you are looking for a short 10 minute walk to stretch your legs, clear your mind, get some fresh air, walk the dog or goldfish there is so much on our doorstep. Starting at Tan Pit with various access points including Holmes House Avenue, have a look using google maps with the google earth option. You can plan ahead or just go for the relax and follow your nose. Here’s a selection of picture taken in Tan Pit.

Over the next few days, we will be presenting a number of other local walks which can easily be adapted to suit the individual, some of which may be suitable for bikes too.

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