Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Firstly, Happy New Year to all our readers and contributors. What an unprecedented year 2020 has been. Well it is that time of year again when people want to make an improvement to their life. The time when we all want to put the last year behind us. So here’s an article with suggestions on keeping New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps you don’t believe in making a resolution, perhaps you have failed in the past? Either way why not read on, there is nothing to lose except for the few minutes it takes to get through this post.

By the way it doesn’t just apply to a new year’s resolution, but any goal you think of from now or any other time in the future!

Suggestions on How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Set a Sensible Goal

Before working out how you can keep to your resolution, give a little though to selecting a workable one first. By that, we mean do not go for something that is too ambitious. Once you achieve that reachable goal, there is nothing to stop you adding a second goal or making the original one more challenging.

It’s all about not setting yourself up to fail.

Make Your Resolution or Goal Measurable

If looking to give up something up, then replace it with something different. Giving up a habit or activity is just like a memory. By that we mean a memory cannot be erased from your mind completely. You can only stop yourself from thinking about it by concentrating on something else. In the same way finding a new activity can help replace the behaviour that you want to give up.

A simple example being instead of going for a cigarette break, do a 5 minute exercise, read a book or whatever activity will suit you. That way you give up one activity for another.

Set a Time Limit

Keeping New Year's Resolutions
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Okay so you have yet to decide on a resolution or start on one you have chosen? It’s never too late. Okay so the tradition is to do it on New Year’s Day, but why let that restrict you if the chosen goal will help you in the longer term.

Secondly, you don’t have to decide to do it for ever or a whole year. Of course it could be of greater benefit if you do. However choosing to do it for a month (such as dry January) makes the whole choice seem far less daunting. Hey, once you get to the end of that month then you can always carry on for the next month and then at the end of that month even go again.

Don’t Retry a Failed Resolution

If you have tried it before and failed, do not just try to repeat it as it is likely to fail again. Clearly there was a reason why it did not work first time round. If you decide you want to aim for the same goal, then consider breaking it down into smaller chunks. Select one of them that you can deliver on. You can then add on other chunks as once you have reached the first milestone.

Give Yourself a Little Treat for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

As mentioned earlier, as the weeks tick by and you keep to your resolution, why not reward yourself with something fun on the journey. It turns the goal on its head by giving you something to look forward to. After all you have earned it. However, don’t make that treat the same thing that you are giving up in the first place or it could all come crashing down!

Keep Going

Although it may vary by person or goal type, analysis shows it takes roughly 21 days for a new activity to become a habit. It can takes 6 months for it to become part of the new you. It won’t happen straight away, so keep trying persistent and patient!

Just as you practice a sport, new language, making a dish from a new recipe, your need to practice your new behaviour. Sometimes you learn more from those little slips. It can make the next stage even better.

Don’t be Hard on Yourself

Is the odd slip really worth stopping altogether for? Kicking yourself for the odd lapse will not help get you to your end goal. Just put it behind you and push on. You are doing your best. Take one step or one day at a time.

Above all do not criticise yourself. If you wouldn’t do that to a best friend, or family member, why should you do it to yourself? You are far more important. If you aren’t fully functioning you cannot help others.

Your Thoughts & Suggestions on How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

There could be many of you out there who already have successfully achieved a resolution in the past. Do you have any sure fire way that you can help others? Feel free to share them on here or our social media pages to help others. We’d love your suggestions too.

Happy New Year. Good look with your goals. #winstanleywo.

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