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King Street Photo Walks

King Street Photo Walks

Peak Wildlife Park

Half Term Break Ideas

FarmFoods Saddle Retail Megastore

Farmfoods Saddle Retail Megastore

New Marus Bridge Deli

Marus Bridge Sandwich Deli

What’s On in Winstanley, Wigan & Beyond

Peak Wildlife Park

Half Term Break Ideas

Just a few random ideas for the up and coming half term if you want to take the kids somewhere else than Wigan for a change. None of these half term break ideas are too far away. You can also combine sopome of them

Halloween Bonfire Night Activities

Halloween Interactive Ghost Walks

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coastal walk around Lancashire's most southernly point

Discover Beautiful Vistas From Lancashire’s Most Southernly Point

Just sharing some thoughts for a flat circular coastal walk around Lancashire’s most southernly point. It’s only about 20 miles from Winstanley too. All set around the gorgeous Conservation Area village of Hale which is just south of Liverpool. With the lighter nights there is now more opportunity to enjoy

National Marmalade Week 2024

A brief introduction to National Marmalade Week 2024, where it is and what is it all about? Honestly, it’s an event I had never heard of. Yet it’s one you can even contribute to by making your own marmalade and help benefit charity. Definitely too late for this year’s UK

Theatres on Hope STreet Liverpool

Theatre Pre-drinks and Food

This article provides suggestions for a trip to the theatre, amazing places to drink, before and after, as well as restaurants to eat in. It’s all based in or around Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter, the home of many TV films and Period Dramas. Easily accessible by train or car from Wigan.

A Boxing Day Stroll

Five suggestions from previous #WWO articles to get you thinking if you fancy a Boxing Day stroll. Long or short, from the beach to woodlands, fields and lakes. All within an hour’s drive of Winstanley. Click below to get far more information on what you will discover, how to get

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