Business Help from Google

Business Help from Google
Moscow, Russia – March 12, 2016: Google web page on display of iPad and iPhone. Google is an American multinational corporation specializing in Internet related services and products

We do not need to point out that Covid-19 in general and lockdown in particular has had a devastating effect on business. Never has it been more important to take advantage of any help to keep your business going. Particularly more so if that assistance is free. This is the first post in a series of articles where you can find such help. We highlight business help from Google and what it might do for you.

Background to Pushing Your Business Online

Whether you are already online or completely new to it, this article could be of use. Did you know that;

  • Small and medium sized companies (aka SMEs) employ 60% of the UK workforce. SMEs also provide circa 50% of private sector turnover.
  • 4 out of 5 SMEs have experienced reduced revenue this year.
  • Companies that have been slow on making the most of digital opportunities have suffered greater decrease in productivity than those making greater use of a digital presence.

Perhaps you believe an online presence is for others and not you? Maybe you are already online and think you are doing everything you can. In both cases read on. What do you have to lose other than the time it takes to read this article?

What does Free Business Help from Google Provide?

There are two key parts to this;

  • Make your business visible online
  • Once online learn how to promote your organisation online (digital marketing).


Makes sure customers know when you are open, how to get hold of you and when to expect a response. How many times have you been into a shop only to find the website opening hours weren’t correct?


Helping with best approaches for your business using social media in combination with your website and online shop.

Working from Home

How to get the most out of you and your team while all remaining safe in these times.

Online Shopping

Even if you don’t actually sell your products online, listing them on your website, google and social media can attract customers to buy traditionally.

How Do I go about Getting This Free Business Help from Google

Wigan Business Help from Google


A number of online presentations are available, whether you are new to the web or already comfortable there.

There are over 20 webinars available for the established business showing how you can use Google Digital Garage to build and enhance your online marketing skills.

Google My Business

A must do for all UK businesses. Free and allows you to publicise your business across all Google Searches and Maps. It also helps with keeping your services and products flexible in changing times. Of course insights and feedback allows you to keep your services relevant.

Google Digital Garage

A range of topics on setting up your online shop, using social media, and finding new customers.

To find out more click on get started.

Final Thoughts on Free Business Help from Google


of customers are more likely to visit a business that lists its opening hours correctly on Google


of customers are more likely to visit a business with a phone number listed on Google Search

2 out of 3

customers say having positive reviews important when selecting who to buy from.


of businesses adding photos to their profile receive more clicks through to their website from Google.

We would love to know if you find any of the free help from Google useful so that we can share it to help other local companies (obviously not your competitors!)

If Equally if you have ideas from your to help other local businesses then please, leave a comment on here or our social media pages.


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