Parcel Email Delivery Scam

Following a scam attempt to an online shopper in Liverpool please be vigilant when reading your emails. She received a bogus email which fraudsters had made to look as though it was from a parcel delivery company. In this instance the parcel delivery that it pretended to be was DPD. As many of us are ordering significantly more items online this year, please be careful and read on so you do not fall for it.

Parcel Delivery Email Scam

The email message alleged that the shopper had missed an attempted parcel delivery to her home. It then proceeded to request the shopper to click and enter her address details for confirmation. However on clicking through, the laptop popped up a warning message. It stated the page clicked through to was on an unsafe site. Due to this warning, the shopper examined the sender’s email address more closely. She discovered it was not a DPD email address.

Always Check the Senders Email Address

It’s very common for the scam emailer to make a sender’s display name to look genuine. If it isn’t real, when you hover over the display name it will show the true email address. If viewing the email on your mobile, press your finger over the sender’s name to reveal the email address used.

Once revealed, You would expect the email to have the genuine company stem. For example if the message is from DPD it should have the following after the senders name;

It may be a persons name before the stem, a department or function. e.g. OR etc

If you are unsure, visit the company website and you will find the stem that they use.

Check the spelling of the email address too This is a huge giveaway, particularly for government and council related scam emails.

If still in doubt phone the alleged company’s department or customer service.

NEVER send an email as this falls in to the scammers hands. NEVER send any email to them, even it it is to say you will report them or because you are irate. Doing that will indicate that your email address is live and you will be inundated with other scam emails.

Report the Parcel Delivery Email Scam to the Correct Organisation

Although you may be too busy, reporting an email to the correct organisation may help you and others. It will be investigated. You are unlikely to get a direct answer back, but it can lead to that email and may related scams being silenced.

Please report your parcel delivery email scam and others using report scam emails to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). They encourage the public to do so. The NCSC is part of GCHQ.

Automated software will check the email and any associated websites. If malicious, they will

  • try to block the senders address,
  • ask the web host company to remove links to the site,,
  • pass the information on to the National Crime Agency and police.

Although the NCSC will investigate all emails and act on them, they will not be able to tell you the outcome personally. The automated email confirmation will be sent from

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