The Poacher Opening Update

So one of our local hostelries re-opened on the 4th July. We are please to say that the day appears to have gone smoothly. The staff had worked hard to anticipate what could have been a difficult day. At the start they operated a booking system in order to manage any rush. Today customers are welcome on a first come basis. For further poacher opening update information, please read on.

Early Days of Operation

The Poacher Opening Update

This is one of our local services. Let’s make the most of it in a positive manner. If anybody has suggestions, please let the operators know offline to allow them to rectify it where possible.

Although you can comment here, you can also send a direct message or email from the Poacher’s Facebook Page.

While we realise many will still be thinking that pubs should not be open yet, we are providing information to those residents who welcome the opportunity to dine out sensibly. We are also keen to support our local services and businesses.

What to Expect

The Poacher Opening Update - Ordering

Management have implemented a separate entrance and exit. Collect your disposable menu at the entrance. There are clear instructions visible at the entrance. A one way system inside is clearly visible on the floor.

The entrance is through the lounge doors. Exiting is via the bar side.
Separate designated bar positions exist for customers to place drink or food / drink orders. There are marked collection points too.

As with many establishments a limited but varied menu is in operation. Menus will be recycled.


Please enjoy yourselves but respect staff, fellow visitors and residents on arrival and leaving. Look after everybody including yourselves. Nobody wants a local lockdown.

The Poacher Opening Update – FAQs

Do I need to book?

No. After a successful first day, it is now first come first served. Please note there is a reduced capacity. A queuing system will operate subject to customer numbers. Capacity is strictly limited to the number of seats available. Please note if you sit at an outside table, you can only move indoors if a table is free.

Do I need to give my contact details?

The plan is to request details from week commencing 6th July. This is in line with government guidance. This information will be to support the government’s Track & Trace policy. Pub data privacy policies have been updated to reflect this. Data collected is held for 21 days.

Can I visit for drinks only?

Yes, subject to capacity availability.

What are the Opening Times?

12 midday – 12 midnight

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