Boosting Winstanley’s Economy and Community

Boosting Winstanley's  Economy and Community

Never has there been a greater need for boosting Winstanley’s local economy and community. Doing so is at the heart of a new government and local council initiative. So what is this initiative? What’s more, what does it mean to locals in day to day live?

A local economy that benefits every resident and local business. It’s about keeping revenues and profits in the local community. This article focuses on the objectives. We will follow that up with feedback from further investigations on how it works in reality.

As with all local Wigan areas, Winstanley and surrounding areas are central to the initiative. The council have pushed the initiative through the Centre for Economic Strategies (CLES). Wigan council has developed its Community Wealth Building Principles alongside the CLES.

What is Community Wealth Building (CWB)?

CWB is about directing as much of residents’ money into local businesses. Consequently generating investment for local business, employees and residents. It will bring together public sector and community organisations in our area. The desire is to support the growth and sustainability of local businesses and services.

Ultimately the aim is to foster growth and reduce inequality. The purpose to help business survive through these difficult times and remove uncertainty for employees where possible.

The cabinet have approved Wigan council’s CWB principles. Following on, they have been launched digitally to partners. Now, #winstanleywo wants to take this further. We want locals involved. Above all, this is the purpose of the CWB. We want to make sure locals do not miss out on this an opportunity. We want to make sure the council hear us.

All of this combines with the Wigan Deal 2030. Wigan Council state that they are one of the biggest employers in the borough. As such they have a responsibility to do all they can to help build a rock solid economy. An economy that puts locals and local business at the centre of everything.

What Does Boosting Winstanley’s Economy and Community Actually Mean in Reality?

So, as authors of this article, we have a number of high level statements. As a result they raise further questions. How can we implement them to meet the prime objectives of economic equality and local prosperity? From here #winstanleywo will dig further to find out what they do mean in everyday life. We will then present these findings in updates to this article.

In addition, we welcome any feedback in comments to this article from residents on their knowledge or thoughts on what it should mean.

Some high level answers appear below. Please treat these as high level only. We will see what we can add to them.

What does it mean as a business?

In very simplistic terms keeping money circulating through the local supply chain. Presumably by buying items and service locally wherever possible. Using a local post office (even though that is a national organisation!). Obviously services are numerous. Think accountants, builders, websites, car hire etc.

What does it mean for individuals?

In short, buying from local businesses and shops. This helps them survive and grow. It helps them to employ local people too. Don’t forget that local business will also use other local businesses too. Just see how many of the shops at Winstanley parade use the post office for services.

Wigan Council and Public Sector Bodies

There is a drive to adjust recruitment and work tendering to draw on local residents and business.

New Openings

The council will also focus on promoting growth sectors including the green economy.

The Deal and Supporting Co-operatives & Community Schemes

The CWB will continue to support a range of local social enterprises. We will find out and report more on how your organisation can benefit.

Owning the Economy Community Wealth Building Summit 2020

As part of finding out more about what it means in real life, #winstanleywo will attend a conference on Thursday 5th Nov 2020. This is the third annual Community Wealth Building Summit. This one-day summit is the premier UK event for uniting, informing and inspiring the community wealth building movement.

Current Backers for Boosting Winstanley’s Economy and Community.

A number of organisations already backing the scheme are;

  • Department for Work & Pensions (Wigan)
  • Wigan and Leigh College
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • Groundworks
  • Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles
  • Wigan Borough CCG

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