Action for Happiness Joyful June

Action for Happiness Joyful

So here’s June’s list of daily suggestions to help you enjoy each day that little bit more. This month it is a Action for Happiness Joyful June. Brought to you by those wonderful well intentioned folk.

Feel good emotions such as happiness, smiling, gratitude and inspiration certainly help you feel good when they happen. Studies indicate that repeating these and other positive feelings create an continual moving on up result in ourselves. Of course we need to be honest about life’s good and yuk, yet take time to look for the good bits of any situation – the glass half full rather than the glass half empty. Sometimes you just need a little time to yourself to see them, put the moment and the world on hold!

The Enigma of Emotions

The reason for purpose of positive emotions have puzzled scholars for years. Of course these feelings are nice to have but it didn’t appear they were genetically essential vital for our survival. Yet negative emotions have long been understood to help us in threatening situations through a fight or flight reactions. That situation our ancestors faced when a ferocious animal charged at them. Their brain and body naturally looking to get out of the situation.

But now recent studies indicate that positive emotion broaden our perceptions, in the same way that negative emotions narrow them. This broadening helps us to see more, respond more flexibly and in new ways and be more creative. It makes us more open to different ideas or experiences. It’s not just a one off result but helps in the long run too. The new experiences and greater openness that result from positive emotions can lead to lasting changes in our lives.

Perhaps the most difficult time to be positive is when first waking up? The thought of going back to sleep to ignore negativity. Take a breath think it through. Enjoy the early light. Make the most of it get a tea or coffee sit outside even if its only on the doorstep. Little chilly, slip a jumper on. It is well known that the vitamin D from the light can perk you up. Even when the sun isn’t blazing, just go for it for 5 minutes. Use the calendar for inspiration. Find something that suits you personally. Don’t hesitate, try it.

Action for Happiness Joyful June – Final Thoughts

So over time, feel good emotions help us to look at life more positively. The knock backs may never disappear, but you will feel better and that will make you a more fun person to be with too. Such an approach can give some protection against those knock backs and help us cope when we face something lousy. Even when things get rough, there is evidence that positive emotions can help us get over negative feelings more quickly.

Have a positive day #winstanleywhatson

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