Carbon Neutral Mars Bars

A carbon-neutral Mars bars hit shelves by 2023 in what its manufacturers hail as “bold action” to save the environment.

Mars Wrigley claims it will be the first carbon neutral chocolate bar “on British and Irish shelves that is produced by a top five confectionery company”.

Others have laid claim to the first carbon-neutral chocolate from as far back as 2012.

However, the pledge is significant because over 200 million Mars bars are sold across the UK alone.

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According to Mars Wrigley, the move is “roughly equivalent” to the energy saved from charging more than 13 billion smartphones.

It also intends to slash its carbon footprint by 20 per cent by 2023 by “supercharging its efforts to sustainably transform supply chain agricultural practices”.

Like most major supermarkets, the company plans to go net zero by 2050.

“To create a world tomorrow where our planet is healthy, we are clear that bold action must be taken today,” UK general manager Adam Grant said.

He added that the pledge to “deliver a certified carbon-neutral Mars bar” was “the kind of immediate climate protection intervention needed to deliver a sustainable tomorrow”.

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