Learn a Foreign Language

A useful little article to show two ways how you can learn fluent Italian online. If italian isn’t for you, It also gives you an idea how to go about learning other languages too. We have two suggestions to get you started. The first is more suitable for those withContinue Reading

Liverpool River of Light

21 October – 6 November 2022. Want to get that holiday feeling for a night? Okay, not as warm as Barbados but a lot cheaper and easier to get to. It’s Just an idea for an uplifting night out in these trying times, without breaking the bank. Whether as aContinue Reading

We have some amazing beaches on our doorstep in the northwest. From West Kirby on the Wirral, Crosby , Formby, Ainsdale to St Annes they really are inspirational. Over the centuries our coast has always been in a state of flux. Nature has its effect as does man. Typically, barringContinue Reading

Car Key Specialists Wigan

Keycoders UK are a top class experienced Mobile Car Key Repairers & Car Technician services. They operate throughout the Northwest covering Merseyside, Greater Manchester Cheshire and North Wales. They are definitely a go to company for unexpected issues with your car key, lock or any other electrical problems. That isContinue Reading

They Work For You

So our local elections are here on Thursday? The country’s national elections are likely to follow in the not too distant future. It doesn’t interest you? You don’t think you have a say? Well without knowing what our MPs do that makes sense. There is a great place you canContinue Reading

St Georges Day History

With April 23rd getting closer, here’s a little insight to some background to our patron saint and St Georges Day History. Possibly good for the pub quiz if nothing else. Then there’s always an excuse to wander down the local pub and tell your mates anyway. First off, like aContinue Reading

Active April for Happiness

Okay the daylight hours are getting longer and generally warmer. What a great time to start doing some little things to raise your spirits. The Action for Happiness daily calendar provides daily suggestions to get you going. However you can always substitute them with your own. Read on to findContinue Reading