PC virus protection

If you are using your own computer to work from home, make sure you have good virus protection software installed. The product you select should con sider whether your device is for work or home use too. In these difficult times, DO NOT avoid using virus protection because of money.Continue Reading

Winstanley Tan Pit Woods

Fantastic to be able to reconnect to the local walks I have not taken time to enjoy for over 10 years. Having cursed at the new builds for the loss of paths and green space, how surprised was I to realise just how much is still here. Whether you areContinue Reading

Gym Training

While gyms are not currently open, a number are operating on-line training sessions, such as JD Gyms. For a list of their free on-line core, cardio, weights classes (also available through Instagram, YouTube and Facebook) click on the button below.Continue Reading

Looking for meats or a butcher local to Winstanley? Perhaps some of Winstanley’s locals are still unaware but BM Wholesale Foods in Marus Bridge is a fantastic place to shop for your all your meats. The meats are not only tremendous quality but also amazing value. Whether you are buyingContinue Reading

10 ways to happiness

Looking after yourself physically is great, but don’t underestimate the value of mental well being. This not a snowflake article but just everyday advice that we often forget when so busy, under stress or in a new situation. If you do feel uncomfortable about considering your mental side, just thinkContinue Reading

Christmas Shopping Opening Times - PO

“…speculation about the future of the Post Office at Winstanley Shopping Centre is circulating on social media. I have received the following reply from The Post Office.“Unfortunately the operators of Winstanley Post Office, Martin McColl, have recently resigned and given us notice to exit their Post Office contract. Their noticeContinue Reading