You may be aware that two north western brothers, Mohsin and Zuber Issa are the new owners of Asda. The brothers are also co-chief executives of global convenience and petrol station forecourts retailer EG Group. In late 2020, they acquired a majority ownership stake in Asda. Once the final clearanceContinue Reading

Tracey's Tea House Christmas Food Box

Just in time for the Christmas run up. A delicious food box packed full of festive treats. Please, read on to find out more. If you like what you read order online from Tracey’s Tracey’s Teahouse website. For other ways to order Tracey’s Teahouse Christmas Food Box see below. What’sContinue Reading

Wigan Essential Shops Confirmation

Although many of you will probably already know, #winstnleywo shares a Wigan Essential Shops Confirmation list for your reference. Admittedly not exhaustive so we apologise for any omissions. Hopefully, the list, will not be needed by December! Of course we would love to add mentions of any local traders. AtContinue Reading

Looking for meats or a butcher local to Winstanley? Perhaps some of Winstanley’s locals are still unaware but BM Wholesale Foods in Marus Bridge is a fantastic place to shop for your all your meats. The meats are not only tremendous quality but also amazing value. Whether you are buyingContinue Reading

Christmas Shopping Opening Times - PO

“…speculation about the future of the Post Office at Winstanley Shopping Centre is circulating on social media. I have received the following reply from The Post Office.“Unfortunately the operators of Winstanley Post Office, Martin McColl, have recently resigned and given us notice to exit their Post Office contract. Their noticeContinue Reading