You may be aware that two north western brothers, Mohsin and Zuber Issa are the new owners of Asda. The brothers are also co-chief executives of global convenience and petrol station forecourts retailer EG Group. In late 2020, they acquired a majority ownership stake in Asda. Once the final clearanceContinue Reading

Tom's Traditional Chippy

Recently opened and highly recommended (not just by #winstanleywo! ). You may well recognise the proud proprietor Tom Birch who used to work at the Happy Garden. Find Tom’s Fish and Chip Shop at 318 Ormskirk Road. From Winstanley, go past the old library towards the saddle. Tom’s is onContinue Reading

Lockdown 3 Open Shops

Just a brief list of lockdown 3 shops open. The list will be added to and maintained in the next few days but please feel free to comment on any findings. Anybody feeling a little bewildered with the latest announcement, feel free to find some personal help in our furtherContinue Reading

R Gaskin Wigan's Specialist Tree Workers

Expert work from Wigan’s specialist tree workers R Gaskin. Covering. They provide all aspects of pruning, felling and topping. No tree is too small and no tree is too tall. A friendly, no hard sell service with expert advice. Why Choose a Specialist Tree Worker? Choosing an expert tree specialistContinue Reading

We do not need to point out that Covid-19 in general and lockdown in particular has had a devastating effect on business. Never has it been more important to take advantage of any help to keep your business going. Particularly more so if that assistance is free. This is theContinue Reading